Rain, rain and more rain

Rain has been the word of the day, everyday, for more than the past week.  We are located in south central Texas in the Hill Country in April, and rain is an annual raging experience, or so we have heard.  Last spring, Memorial Day Weekend actually, the very RV park we are staying in seriously flooded and people had to be evacuated.  Thank goodness, that wasn’t the case this time.

My brother texted me from California, after seeing a weather forecast for South Texas.  His text said, “Are you still in Texas?  It’s going to rain.  A LOT!”  Other members of my family and friends texted, telling us to get to high ground, suggesting we start home to Colorado early (there is still snow there!), or at least moving out of the path of the storms.  We kept our eyes on the weather and stayed put.

To give credit to the staff at Pioneer RV Resort here in Bandera, they were quick to alert RV owners on the lower tier of the park and help them to move to higher ground.  We were already in the highest tier, so we were safe.  The staff was very professional, helpful and informative.  Here are some pictures I took during a hole between storms.  Sorry they are so blurry.  The humidity clouded the camera lens.

Three tier to park - we are on top one,

Three tiers to the park – we are on top one,

The Medina River right next to the park

The Medina River right next to the park

Goose family

Goose family waiting out the storms – the male charged me.

Nesting Muscovy duck. She kicked all the eggs out of her nest. Don't know why.

Nesting Muscovy duck. She kicked all the eggs out of her nest. Don’t know why.  I thought they were mushrooms until I looked more closely.

Ducklings waiting out the storm and waiting for mom.

Mallard ducklings waiting out the storm and waiting for mom.

But back to the rain and south Texas.  Other areas were not nearly as lucky as we were.  You probably heard about the serious flooding and deaths in Houston, from the same storms that we only caught the edge of.  Apparently this kinds of storm happens often in Houston, being so close to the coast.

Flooding around Houston 2016

Flooding around Houston 2016

Save my bike -Houston flood

Save my bike – Houston Flood

In San Antonio they had record-sized hail, officially 4.5 inch hail stones.  Lots of great deals on hail damaged cars and trucks going on right now in SA.  San Antonio had just had the first event of the 10-day San Antonio Fiesta when the storm moved in. From that day on, for the past week, every day has been affected, in some way, by rain, but most of the events  of Fiesta still went on. (They scheduled 109 events in those 10 days!  Not all of them took place.)  People attended the boat parade on the San Antonio Riverwalk with umbrellas, but they still attended. (We actually didn’t attend any of the events, choosing to avoid the crowds and visit San Antonio once all the hoopla is over.) Umbrellas were probably the norm for the whole week for all the events, and umbrella sellers had a heyday.  To be fair, there was only one really bad rain/hail day in the whole days-long Fieasta, and it was right at the beginning, but then the ground was saturated, and any additional rain, no matter how insignificant, just added to the mud.

4.5 inch hail

4.5 inch hail – YIKES! OWWW!

Yes, it looks like we were grounded for a week, due to the rain, but that’s not true.  Despite the rain, we found ways to entertain ourselves.  More exploring of Bandera (I found a woman who is into wool and knitting, rug hooking and felting – things I either do or want to do), venturing out to New Braunfels and Gruene (pronounced Green – German), touring Fredericksburg (but these places need their own blog post and will happen soon), and driving on the ring roads around San Antonio.  No, we aren’t going to San Antonio during the craziness of Fiesta, and  because there are so many great places to visit in SA when there will be fewer people, less traffic, and hopefully, better weather, we will go the last week we are here.  Too many years, for me, involved in events and crowds. I just can’t do them anymore.  Our real personalities are much more reserved and we avoid crowds when we can.  Let a party build around me, but don’t ask me to walk into the middle of one.  Besides, we get the highlights of most events on the San Antonio news.  Now that is the way to experience Fiesta without having to experience Fiesta.  (I sure hope people who attend downtown Steamboat events don’t think the way we do.  So glad they chose to attend and enjoy all the work that went into creating those events.  We used to participate, too.)

To wrap it all up, it was a soggy week, but not a total loss.  The entire middle of the country had a really rough week, so I guess we were in the best place (Bandera) we could have been.  We had a little excitement, but nothing to be really concerned about.  We have a story to share and a memory of Spring in the Hill Country.  And we think we just might do it again next year.