One Month In – Some Back Story

theDreamA month ago, on November 7th, 2015, Cooper and I (Tracy) finally embarked on our 40 year dream to become full time RV dwellers. As newly-weds, back in 1975, we worked in an RV-ownership park in Hobart Mills, California, just outside of Truckee, near Lake Tahoe. We spent that summer in a tent, working as a camp maintenance man/weekend cook (Cooper) and recreation director (Tracy) for the families who either owned or were looking to purchase one of the campsites. It was there that we formed our dream of retiring with “an Airstream RV with a Good Sam sticker on the back”.

Over the years we have owned several different kinds of RVs, have continually been members of the Good Sam RV Club, taken various two to three-week trips in whatever RV vehicle we owned at the time, with kids and without, spent three summers as campground hosts on Rabbit Ears Pass while owning and working full-time in our Italian restaurant in Steamboat Springs, CO (working during the day and driving up the pass at night), all while planning for our eventual transition to retired RVers.

We sold the restaurant in 2004 and each moved on to new careers, Cooper at ACE Hardware and Tracy as program manager for Main Street Steamboat Springs.

In 2013, our daughter, Brady, and her husband, Paul, let us know that they would like to help us toward our dream. We were concerned that we would not have the means to travel if we didn’t sell our house in Steamboat, but, if we did sell the house, we would not ever be able to buy again in Steamboat, if we wanted to return. Brady and Paul, over the next two years, readied their own house for sale, sold it, moved in with us and we all lived together for about 6 months. Although quarters were small (1352 square feet and five people), we all made it work.

Cooper retired from ACE in March of 2015 and Tracy retired from Main Street November 1, 2015. With the trailer (a 32 ft 2002 Prowler with one long slide) packed and waiting in the driveway, along with the pickup truck with our two scooters in the bed, we pulled out of the driveway with a foot of snow on the tops of the trailer, truck and scooter seats, about a week later than we had planned. It snowed the entire week before we left.

There they go!

Posted by Brady Barnett Worster on Saturday, November 7, 2015

So now, why you are here… We want to record our adventures, random thoughts along the way, and pictures so we can remember where we have been and what we have learned. Our brains are so full (because we are “old”) that it is hard to stuff anything more into them and retain it for any length of time. Please feel free to come along with us on this journey, if you are so inclined. I don’t plan to write often or even very regularly, but may have a streak of inspiration that will require several posts in a row.


Thanks for reading and we hope to cross paths with each of you some time in the future. Feel Free to comment below, we love keeping in touch and look forward to sharing our RV Adventure with you!