Home Is Where The RV is

Learning to get around Tucson

Now that we are finally settled in, and have a bit of a routine established, we have started getting out to see and experience Tucson and Arizona.  We no longer have to spend our days looking for Safeway Grocery Stores which also sell gas, Trader Joes, dollar and thrift stores, where to get propane, Camping World for RV related stuff, and all the other basics.

Tucson seems like a small town, despite its sprawl and traffic.  While I don’t really like either, I appreciate the ability to see the mountains in all directions, no matter where you are, because most buildings are only one or two stories high.  Many blend with the local color palette of adobe beige or rust interspersed with the green paloverde trees and multiple varieties of cactus.  It really grows on you.


We are learning what Tucson is all about by watching the news and the local-origin TV programming, especially about all the events and attractions in the area.  When we first got here, we bought a local coupon book that gives us two-for-one admissions to about 60 different events and we plan to take advantage of as many of the offerings as possible.

This weekend we plan on visiting a few of coupon buck offerings. Stay tuned for more!